Postdoctoral Fellowships 2019-2020





The Edelstein Center invites applications for

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS For the academic year 2019-2020

in the history and philosophy of science, technology and medicine


Applications are welcome from those who have Ph.D. in the history or philosophy of science or in the physical, life, or social sciences, obtained not earlier than 30 September 2014, or those who expect to be awarded a Ph.D. by September 2019.


The Center especially encourages applications from candidates who have common research interests with members of the Edelstein Center and wish to work with them during their post-doctoral tenure. The Center also encourages applications from candidates whose research proposal is based on use of any of the following collections: The Edelstein Collections (Chemistry, Alchemy, Dyeing, and Nutrition), the Albert Einstein Archives, the Yehuda Theological Collection of Isaac Newton, and the Friedenwald Collection (History of Medicine).


Fellows are expected to dedicate their time to research (and acknowledge the support of the Center in any relevant publication or lecture), to attend the Center regularly (office space is provided), and to participate throughout their fellowship in the Center’s activities, such as colloquia, discussion groups, conferences and workshops. In addition, fellows are expected to contribute actively to the Center by initiating activities such as discussion groups or workshops. In the application, candidates should specify in what way they intend to contribute to the Center during their fellowship. Fellows are expected to reside in Israel for the duration of their fellowship.


For the academic year 2019-2020 the Center may offer full or partial fellowships, for either a full year, or part of a year, and in certain circumstances for two years. In the application, candidates are encouraged to specify their preferences, which will be taken into account, but the Center is not committed by them and may offer the candidates alternative periods of time. The Center will provide to the fellows office space at the Center; (for those not residing in Israel) a return air ticket economy class to Israel; and a monthly stipend (in the past year this was in the amount of 8000 NIS, but next year’s stipend depends on availability and the Center may also decide to award partial stipends). Successful fellows are expected to provide evidence of comprehensive health insurance for the duration of the fellowship.


Applications should include (1) personal details including email address for communication with the candidate (can be in cover letter), (2) curriculum vitae, (3) list of publications, (4) abstract and sample chapter from the doctoral dissertation and/or a recent publication, (5) a research proposal, (6) specification of the preferred period of fellowship, (7) a clear description of ways in which the candidate intends to contribute to the Center during the fellowship period, and (8) two letters of recommendation, sent directly to the offices of the Edelstein Center.


Applications (no forms are required) should be sent electronically in PDF format only to:

Applications must be received by 31 January 2019