Events in Memory of Prof. Itamar Pitowsky

Itamar Pitowsky

Memorial Page in Honor of Itamar


2011 First Memorial Lecture- Christopher Alan Fuchs, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario.

2012 David Albert, Columbia University- Physics and Chance.

2013 Jeffrey Bub, University of Maryland- Bananaworld, Quantum Mechanics for Primates.

2014 Alan Hajek, Australia National University- A Plea for the Improbable.

2015 Jos Uffink, University of minnesota- Boltzmann and Irreversibility.

2016 Hue Price, University of Cambridge- Time’s Arrow and Eddington’s Challenge.

2017 Robert Spekkens, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics- Cause and Effect in a Quantum World

2018 Mauro Dorato, Università degli studi Roma Tre- The meaning and status of contextuality and relationality in quantum mechanics.

2019 Mathias Frisch, University of California at Berkeley- Causation in Physics