Upcoming Events


Edelstein Reading and discussion groups

Lectures and Workshops:

5-8.11.2017 Visualizing the Soul

15.11.2017 Edelstein Colloquium. Marco Giovanelli- Physics is a Kind of Metaphysics. On Émile Meyerson’s Influence on Einstein’s Rationalistic Realism.

29.11.20117 Edelstein Colloquium. Gila Sher- Invariance as a Basis for Necessity and Laws.

13.12.2017 Bar-Hillel Colloquium. Giora Hon- James Clerk Maxwell’s Methodological Odyssey in Electromagnetism: A Philosophical Perspective.

17-19.12.2017 Final symposium of the GIF funded research project on “Causation and Computation in Neuroscience”.

27.12.2017 Philosophy of Science Workshop- Models and Explanations.

27.12.2017 Edelstein Colloquium. Manfred Posani Löwenstein- Making Sense of “Fake News”: Burckhardt’s Method and the Burning of the Louvre.

10.1.2018 Bar-Hillel Colloquium. Annual Lecture in Honors of Mara Beller. Christoph Lehner- The Rationality of Science. What Have we Learned from History of Science?

21.3.2018 Bar-Hillel Colloquium. Efthymios Nicolaidis- Science and Orthodox Christianity: A Complicated Historical Relationship?

25.4.2018 Bar-Hillel Colloquium. Vololona Rabeharisoa-  Making Rareness Count. Patient Activism and Politics of Knowledge in the War on Rare Genetic Diseases.

2.5.2018 Annual Lecture in Honors of Itamar Pitowski. Mauro Dorato- TBA.

23.5.2018 Bar-Hillel Colloquium. Hanoch Gutfreund- Albert Einstein, Philosopher – Scientist.

8-13.7.2018 New Agents and Agencies: Science, Technology, and Subjectivity

And more to come!