Upcoming Events

Discussion Group- Decision-Theory and Decision-Making- 21.12.2016

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 21.12.2016 Pnina Geraldine Abir-Am, Brandeis University- The Discovery of RNA Splicing at 40: (2017, 1977) History, Memory, and Social Justice

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 11.1.2017 Reimund Leicht, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Models for the creation of scientific Hebrew terminology in 12th century Europe – Abrahm Ibn Ezra, Abraham bar Hiyya, Yehudah Ibn Tibbon and the aftermath.

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 18.1.2017 John Bickle, Mississippi State University- Tool Development: How Experiment-Driven Sciences Progress

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 1.3.2017 Dan Baras, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Extraordinary Types of States: Schlesinger’s Account of Strikingness

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 8.3.2017 Tal Golan, University of California, San Diege- Science, Water and Nation Building: The Birth of the National Water Carrier and the Battle Over the Identity of Israel.

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 15.3.2017 Igal Galili, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Newton’s First Law: Text, Translations, Lost meaning and Implications to Representation of Newton’s theory.

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 22.3.2017 Snait Gissis, Tel Aviv University- Evolutionary-Biological Discourses and Emerging Social Sciences: Sociologies and Psychologies at the Turn of the 19th Century

19.4.2017 2017 Annual Lecture in Memory of Prof. Itamar Pitowsky. Robert Spekkens, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

20.4.2017 Phenomenology and Science

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 26.4.2017 Fernando Vidal, The Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, Barcelona- The History of the “Cerebral Subject” as History of the Present

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 10.5.2017 Michael Anthony, University of Haifa- TBA

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 6.6.2017 Jennifer Corns, University of Glasgow- TBA

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 14.6.2017 Keith Lehrer, the University of Arizona- TBA

And more to come!