Upcoming Events

Discussion Group- Decision-Theory and Decision-Making- 21.12.2016

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 21.12.2016 Pnina Geraldine Abir-Am, Brandeis University- The Discovery of RNA Splicing at 40: (2017, 1977) History, Memory, and Social Justice

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 11.1.2017 Reimund Leicht, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Models for the creation of scientific Hebrew terminology in 12th century Europe – Abrahm Ibn Ezra, Abraham bar Hiyya, Yehudah Ibn Tibbon and the aftermath.

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 18.1.2017 John Bickle, Mississippi State University- Tool Development: How Experiment-Driven Sciences Progress

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 1.3.2017 Dan Baras, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Extraordinary Types of States: Schlesinger’s Account of Strikingness

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 8.3.2017 Tal Golan, University of California, San Diege- Science, Water and Nation Building: The Birth of the National Water Carrier and the Battle Over the Identity of Israel.

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 15.3.2017 Igal Galili, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem- Newton’s First Law: Text, Translations, Lost meaning and Implications to Representation of Newton’s theory.

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 22.3.2017 Snait Gissis, Tel Aviv University- Evolutionary-Biological Discourses and Emerging Social Sciences: Sociologies and Psychologies at the Turn of the 19th Century

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 26.4.2017 Fernando Vidal, The Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, Barcelona- The History of the “Cerebral Subject” as History of the Present

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 10.5.2017 Michael Anthony, University of Haifa- TBA

The Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2016-2017- 17.5.2017 James Ladyman, Bristol University- What is Ontic Stractural Realism?

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 6.6.2017 Jennifer Corns, University of Glasgow- TBA

Edelstein Colloquium 2016-2017- 14.6.2017 Keith Lehrer, the University of Arizona- TBA

And more to come!