Upcoming Events

Bar-Hillel Colloquium 2019-2020

27-28.10.2019- From Image du monde (1245) to Tselem ha-‘olam (1733): Old French into Hebrew, into Yiddish and into Tatar.

14.11.2019- The Bar Hillel Colloquium. Ute Deichman- Data, theory, and scientific belief in early molecular biology: Pauling’s and Crick’s conflicting theories about the genetic determination of protein synthesis and the solution to the ‘secret of life’.

28.11.2019- Edelstein Colloquium. Yona Siderer. Western Sources for Appropriation Chemistry into Japan by Udagawa Youan (1798-1846).

5.12.2019- The Bar Hillel Colloquium. Margaret Thomas- On what Basis Has Functionalism Resisted Formal Linguistics, and what are the Consequences beyond the Study of Language?

2.1.2020- The Bar Hillel Colloquium. Samir Okasha- The Metaphor of Agency in Biology.

21-23. 1.2020- Deconstructing and reconstructing consciousness.

20-22.2.2020- Perspectives on Consciousness.

19.3.2020- Lecture in Memory of Professor Mara Beller. Tim Maudlin- The Present Situation in Foundations of Physics.

31.3-2.4.2020- Diagnosing Body and Soul: A Historical Holistic Perspective.

5-6.5.2020. Causation In Science.

25-27.5.2020- The 33rd Annual International Workshop on the History and Philosophy of Science. Quantum, Probability, Logic: The Work and Influence of Itamar Pitowsky.

4.6.2020. The Bar Hillel Colloquium. Lynn Nyhart- Matthias Schleiden’s Theory of History: Philosophy, Politics, and Popular Science, 1842-1882.

8-9.6.2020 Workshop on Intuitionism and Constructivity: History, Logic, and Foundations.

10-11.6.2020- Interdisciplinary Workshop on Surprise: What is to be surprised and what is surprising?

11.6.2020. The Bar Hillel Colloquium. Naomi Oreskes- TBA.