Dr. Agung Budiyono


Doctor, Osaka City of University

Master, Kyoto University,

BSc, Kyoto University


Field of interests: foundation of quantum mechanics and quantum information


Research projects:

Reconstruction of quantum mechanics. Reconstruction of the abstract formal-mathematical concepts and laws of quantum mechanics from transparent physical concepts satisfying reasonable physical principles within ontological model.

Quantum-classical correspondence. Developing phase-space picture of quantum statistics which is free from the well-known puzzling features like negative probability in Wigner-Weyl formalism or nonlocal physical quantity in pilot-wave theory.

Causal-structure of quantum mechanics. Study on the causal-physical mechanism underlying the mysterious microscopic phenomena like particle interference in the  double slits experiment, violation of Bell’s inequality in EPR-type experiment, AB effect etc.


Recent publication

A paper by Dr Agung Budyono, our Center’s researcher, has appeared in Nature Communications. The paper presents a new way of understanding quantum mechanics. Here is a link


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