Edelstein Community

The Edelstein Community consists of Hebrew University people whose research is in the fields in which the Center is interested: history and philosophy of science, technology and medicine. The Community members take part in the Center’s activities and initiatives.

    • Prof. Yemima Ben-Menahem
    • Prof. Meir Buzaglo
    • Prof. Leon Deouell
    • Prof. Yaron Ezrahi
    • Prof. Raphael Falk
    • Prof. Ruth Glasner
    • Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund
    • Prof. Carl Posy
    • Prof. Oron Shagrir
    • Prof. Orly Shenker
    • Prof. Mark Steiner
    • Prof. Issachar Unna
    • Prof. Dror Wahrman
    • Dr. Itzhak Aharon “Gingi”
    • Dr. Raz Chen-Morris
    • Dr. Otniel Dror
    • Dr. Ayelet Even-Ezra
    • Dr. Ariel Furstenberg
    • Dr. Arnon Levy
    • Dr. Ittay Nissan-Rozen
    • Dr. Gad Prudovsky
    • Dr. Michael Roubach
    • Dr. Tony Travis