Postdoctoral Fellows

The Center offers an opportunity for postdoctoral research in Jerusalem, for a period of up to one year, with all the advantages offered by the Hebrew University. The postdoctoral fellow will work with the staff and students of its philosophy and history of science department, and be able to use collections such as The Edelstein Collections (Chemistry, Alchemy, Dyeing, and Nutrition), the Albert Einstein Archives, the Yehuda Theological Collection of Isaac Newton, and the Friedenwald Collection (History of Medicine). The postdoctoral fellow will receive office space at the Center, which is located at the university’s Safra Campus, and a generous stipend (the sum of which may change according to availability). Fellows are expected to dedicate their time to research, to attend the Center regularly (office space is provided), and to participate throughout their fellowship in the Center’s activities, such as colloquia, discussion groups, conferences and workshops. In addition, fellows are expected to contribute actively to the Center by initiating activities such as discussion groups or workshops.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Past Postdoctoral Fellows




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