Philosophy Of Science Around the Mediterranean


“I believe that the earth is very large and that we who dwell between the pillars of Hercules and the river Phasis live in a small part of it about the sea, like ants or frogs about a pond, and that many other people live in many other such regions.” (Plato, Phaedo 109a,b)

We are happy to announce the establishment of The Pond: Philosophy of Science Around the Mediterranean. Our philosophy of science communities in this area are flourishing, and we are getting together to collectively form a larger community, strengthen our local communities, and create international scholarly impact by local production of universally valid knowledge.

These are times of social, political and economic difficulties, and we wish to emphasize the solidarity of the academic community which is committed to the creation of knowledge that is open for all to share and develop.

We believe that intellectual riches does not require material wealth, and can flourish when means are modest. The Pond will minimize expenses and plan activities within the means of its members.

The Pond will be a safe and inclusive intellectual environment, in that it will conduct its discussions and activities in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and will provide constructive feedbacks. As part of this we shall strive to reach decisions by consensus rather than by majority votes.

As we form and strengthen the Mediterranean group we will be open in the future to inviting members from other regions. With time we shall find the right balance between focusing our efforts in our chosen region and being inclusive, especially towards other peripheral communities. We aim to work side by side with sister organizations that work in other intellectual areas and in other geographic regions.

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