Research Groups

Edelstein Center currently hosts four research and discussion groups.

If you wish to join or contribute please contact the Edelstein Center at or the group organizer.

·      ​Decisions,​ ​Ethics,​ ​and​ ​Uncertainty

Organizer: Mantas Radzvilas

·       Truth & Scientific Change (Pessimistic Meta-Induction)

Organizer: Gila Sher

·       The Israeli Aristotelian Forum

Organizers: Reimund Leicht and Orna Harari

·       Temporal experience and the philosophy of mind

Organizers: Angelica Kaufman (Edelstein Center) and Georgie Statham (Van Leer Institute)

·       Reading group in Cognitive Science

Organizer: Oron Shagrir

·       Philosophy of physics.

Organizer: Orly Shenker.



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