Philosophy of Physics Discussion Group

Upcoming meeting of the philosophy of physics discussion group:



13.12.2016 10-12 James Fraser- The Real Problem with Perturbative Quantum Field Theory.

24.1.2017 10-12 Guy Hetzroni- TBA

14.3.2017 10-12 Agung Budiyono




2.3.2016 10-12. Huw Price, who will discuss his recent work on retrocausality in QM.

8.3.2016 9-11. Kelvin McQueen, a postdoc of Lev Vaidman at Tel Aviv, will discuss the many worlds interpretation.

22.3.2016 9-11. Boaz Tamir will present his work on adiabatic computation.
17.5.2016 9-11, Sam Schweber (topic TBA).


All meeting will be held at the Edelstein Center, Levi building room 324, Safra Campus, Givat Ram, Jerusalem.